When To Use an iPod Instead of a DJ

In such a competitive market, it’s tempting to think “I bet I can find someone cheaper.” While I’d council not paying through the nose, be sure you’re not finding a bargain basement DJ. Essentially, you can always find someone cheaper. […]

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Five Things DJ’s Overcharge For

Five Things DJ’s Overcharge For Backup equipment This is a biggie. Many high-end production companies will bring extra vans of backup equipment for large galas, but this isn’t a given with your normal mobile DJ. Some DJ’s really like to […]

Can your DJ…Actually DJ?

It’s almost an instinct when having a large event to hire a DJ, but it’s important to consider the role a DJ plays in making your event great. Excellent music is the most important part of any event, so the […]

5 Reasons Why Parties Fail (and how to avoid them)

Guests following the host Parties can be socially anxious events for some people. Typically, folks that come to a party don’t all know each other. Sometimes partiers can stick to the host that invited them. This creates a cascade where […]

The Do’s and Dont’s of Making Song Requests

It’s always odd when guests ask me “do you take requests?” Who are all these non-request-taking DJ’s out there prompting this question? Of course I’ll take requests! In fact, in many cases, I prefer it when guests make requests. It […]

10 Bouquet Toss Songs (That Aren’t “Single Ladies”)

Nothing against Beyoncé, but when it comes time to rally the ladies for a bouquet toss at your wedding, there’s more options than the old-stand-by, Single Ladies. Here’s Disc Jockey Boston’s top 10 OTHER choices.  Salt ‘n Pepa – Whatta Man Cyndi Lauper – Girls […]

Why DJ’s Make Mixtapes

We’ve come a long way from mixtapes being literal tapes, but the idea of DJ’s putting out a mix for the public is still relevant as ever. Why this trend is still so pervasive may not be totally clear, so […]

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5 Reasons To Avoid Hotels For Your Wedding

Hotels are a popular go-to option for many when creating their events. Take caution, hotels aren’t necessarily a one-size-fits-all solution to venue planning. Make sure your venue is a good fit for the event you’re hosting. Here’s Disc Jockey Boston’s five reasons to rethink hotels […]

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How to Spot a Real Review

Is This DJ Review Real or Fake? When making a purchasing decision, be it a hotel, restaurant, merchandise, or even a DJ, many customers will instinctively look for reviews on their pending purchase. Reviews can be a powerful tool in […]