Music Mixes

Listen to these mixes and feel the energy DJ Omari brings to all his events.  These mixes are representative of his years of mastery in getting parties moving.  They include many genres, and genres during your event can be tailored to suit any tastes. 

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Mini Mixtape  2017

Even in a short mix, you’re going to hear all types of sounds. This track leans on vibes from this generation, and prior with a healthy dose of remixing to create a brand new sound. A full-throttle party from the beginning to the end!


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Mixtape Dec 2015

Whether you speak English or Spanish, this mix packs a punch of all the best dance music! There’s a heavy showing of Latin music inside with high-energy trap hits, and pop jams for everyone!


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Mixtape June 2014

pop and electro mixtapesThis mixtape is strictly for trap and Electro fans. Begin with sultry deep trap, mix in pop/electro bangers, add crazy twerk remixes. The finish on classic trap rap, makes this mix a must for all bass lovers!


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Mixtape Dec 2013

party musicGet ready for some funky vibes and island beats at the jump, throw in some fist pumping house, and plenty of danceable pop remixes, and this mixtape is a sure party pleaser!


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Mixtape Sept 2013 

hip hop party musicGet stared with some high-energy radio hits. Next, rock out with tunes ranging from dubstep, to hardstyle, transition to twerk and get amped with some of the crunkest hip-hop on the airwaves.  


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Mixtape Dec 2012

DJ mixtapes and musicThis extended mix hits heavy with large doses of the grittiest trap around, continues with unexpectedly smooth pop remixes. Take a turn for the West Indies, and finish with the hottest club rap tracks.  


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Electro-House Mix 

dj electro-house musicThis track is rave-ready with only hard-hitting electro-house; perfect for the height of a party when everybody is ready to go crazy and let loose!


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Pop Mix 

DJ remixesIf you love tracks with high radio play, this mix is for you! It features a smooth blend of mass-appeal pleasers with remixes from the 90’s to today.  


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